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Billie & Wheelgod, company work (from 2012), is a structure and catalyst for producing instant dances that fulfill poetic directives. It dedicates to destruction of image and in doing so it gives birth to organic and rich compositions. Distinct, actual, physical and ethereal at the same time. It presents the refined body in motion in space, the matrix in which action and speech take place. Through having each individual gesture and unit of poetry engage with its primal meaning the dancers, composing with abandon and precision at the same time, weave a seminal imagery from the produced material.
Under Billie Hanne's direction the dancers are able to create choreographies and verse that meet the demands of the piece, that concretise its essence, and, indeed, go beyond the initial vision. Here the imagined can result in an amplified reality provided by decor, lights and costume, body.

02.07.2017BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
01.07.2017BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
30.06.2017BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
14.07.2016Den HaagDe Nieuwe Regentes
13.07.2016Den HaagDe Nieuwe Regentes
29.03.2015Den HaagCloud at Danslab

All for Big B!

25.11.2017BerlinMime Centrum Berlin
21.03.2017BrusselsGarage 29
03.01.2016BrusselsBlue Zone Performances

Map of Antarctica

31.05.2014BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
30.05.2014BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
23.03.2014BrusselsLa Cellule 133a


01.01.2014BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
31.01.2014BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
30.01.2014BrusselsBlue Zone Performances


31.08.2013BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
30.08.2013BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
06.07.2013BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
05.07.2013BrusselsBlue Zone Performances
01.03.2013BrusselsLe Grand Studio
28.10.2012BrusselsGarage 29

Minor Arcana

17.06.2012BrusselsLa Cellule

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M E L C H I O R (2015-2017)more info

A L L  F O R  B I G  B ! (2016-2017)more info
photo to the left on hover: Johnny Schoofs in 'Melchior', 2016, Den Haag
photo above still from camera by Judith van der Made: Ilse Van Haastrecht, Virag Dezso in 'Melchior, 2016, Den Haag
photo above by Patrick beelaert: Barbara Pereyra, Billie Hanne in 'All for Big B!', 2016 in Brussels
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